The Bane Affair

The Bane Affair Christian Bane is a man of few words so when he talks people listen One of the Smithson Group s elite force Christian s also the walking wounded haunted by his past Something about being betrayed

  • Title: The Bane Affair
  • Author: Alison Kent
  • ISBN: 9780758206688
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christian Bane is a man of few words, so when he talks, people listen One of the Smithson Group s elite force, Christian s also the walking wounded, haunted by his past Something about being betrayed by a woman, then left to die in a Thai prison by the notorious crime syndicate Spectra IT gives a guy demons But now, Spectra has made a secret deal with a top scientist toChristian Bane is a man of few words, so when he talks, people listen One of the Smithson Group s elite force, Christian s also the walking wounded, haunted by his past Something about being betrayed by a woman, then left to die in a Thai prison by the notorious crime syndicate Spectra IT gives a guy demons But now, Spectra has made a secret deal with a top scientist to crack a governmental encryption technology, and Christian has his orders Pose as Spectra boss Peter Deacon Going deep undercover as the slick womanizer will be tough for Christian Getting cozy with the scientist s beautiful goddaughter, Natasha, to get information won t be But the closer he gets to Natasha, the harder it gets to deceive her She s so alluring, so trusting, so completely unexpected he suspects someone s been giving out faulty intel If Natasha isn t the criminal he was led to believe, they re both being played for fools Now, with Spectra closing in, Christian s best chance for survival is to confront his demons and trust the only one he can Natasha .Note Brava reissued THE BANE AFFAIR in June 2008 as a Wal Mart exclusive entitled AT RISK Click URL below to view the cover.

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    331 Comment

    • Ballerina60 says:

      i like this series of "spys", but i have to agree with Wick that Peter doesn't act like he should; he's more into the girl than into the progress of what he's there to buy. bad spy! i also very much want to know what happened to Wick!! the story "wrapped up" too quick -- what happened with the stuff they found, how did they get Natasha "cleared" since Wick had set her up to take the fall, etc. and Christian needed to get on his horse and giddy-up to get back to Natasha. i didn't like his lack of [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      This was more romance than actual suspense, but that is good. I was in the mood for that this time around. Kent is a new author to me even though this series is about 7 years old. I look forward to reading the rest.

    • Pamela(AllHoney) says:

      It had all the requirements of a good read but didn't click real well for me. I liked it but felt it lacked something. I'll continue to check out more in the series, though.

    • Sandra Williams says:

      DisappointingI read book number three before I went back to the beginning . Number three was so good I was so disappointed in this one I just couldn't get invested in the characters. Christian buying is sent to figure out what Natasha's godfather is doing . He is up to no good and it's Christians job to get proof . He takes on a different character . A womanizing scoundrel basically and sleeps with Natasha under this assumed name in disguise . Have sex with her not one but several times . She fo [...]

    • Diane says:

      I just discovered this author and I thought this book was a really great read. It has a smart and sophisticated storyline that drew me in and kept me guessing and the attraction between Christian and Natasha is instantaneous and oh-so deliciously sexy. I stayed up way past my bedtime and I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series.

    • Larisa Edwards says:

      A very wild adventureThis book is full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns. The characters are realistic and so so easy to love. A little humor, some mystery, plenty of adventure, and sprinkled with some steamy moments, this book is a must read. Can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.

    • Jennifer Woodrow says:

      Tension in every wordWithin the first two paragraphs, I was hooked; and I never stopped reading until the final word. It was spy drama, it was psychological thriller, it was erotic romance. This book is worth reading!

    • S. R. Lewis says:

      Not for meI have read 3 other books in this series which I enjoyed. I just couldn't get through this one with so much graphic sex in it. I read the first 100 pages and gave up and went to the last 25 pages to see how it ended. Just not a book for me.

    • Mary Stockwell says:

      AverageIn the first part of the book it was difficult for me to pay attention. I don't know if I got bored with the sex or if the story was too boring. The last part was better.

    • Lynette says:

      I loved the start to this series. An alpha male with a past that threatens to complicate his future and the strong woman who will see him through. ❤️

    • Allison says:

      *May contain spoilers***This book was slow from the start, then reached a fast, predictable conclusion in about 3 chapters. The premise of the story was a good one, but the execution stuttered and was confusing in parts. Scenes were "thrown" in that made little to no impact on the story (e.g Natasha's night out with her friends). A "trained" operative , Christian, was surprised awhile in the house of the guy he was investigating causing him to be locked in a closet. Corny? Yes. Would I recommend [...]

    • Caroline says:

      What a wonderfully exhilarating read. Great adventure for the beach or a quiet day by the pool. This was a great start to the series.

    • Mary Silvestri says:

      4.5 StarsDecent beginning to a series. I look forward to the the next in the series. Recommend to all readers of romantic suspense!!

    • Tamela says:

      What a start for a series!Action pack love story that keeps you on the edge wait to drop! I love book one the things Bane went through is amazing and then to find true love. WOW!

    • Victoria says:

      it is a great book to read

    • Alexandra says:

      I’ve been reading mainly fluffy books recently – shapeshifter falls in love with spunky BBW, biker falls in love with (possibly spunky, possibly BBW) librarian, books where the grim reaper has a day job as P.I. or where a banshee runs a second hand store.I thought I was over the „spy meets sexy woman while he works, falls in lust and love“ books. Spoiler: I’m not. I thoroughly enjoyed The Bane Affair and it has brought me back to the dark side. It’s the first in a series of books, an [...]

    • Cindy says:

      Good read. The Smithson Group [SG5:] series starts here. If you're coming in from her Girl Gear books you may not be comfortable with this series. SG5 is a private spy group - they're the good guys bringing down the bad guys and not worrying about due process or political correctness, only justice. There's an overreaching bad guy group known as SPECTRA IT which is usually the puppet master. It has some of the same feel as Cherry Adair's TFLAC books.The hero for this book is Christian Bale, a dam [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      Never before had I read a novel by Alison Kent, or books about covert-ops and mission impossible scenarios. But, when it comes to reading, I am willing to try anything at least once. THE BANE AFFAIR was decent enough. The Smithson Group, better known as SG-5 consists of 5 spies specially selected by Hank Smithson. Christian Bane is the first of these men. He is sent out to pose as Peter Deacon, the shady boss of SG-5's archenemy Spectra, who has a weakness for expensive clothes, fast cars and ev [...]

    • Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter says:

      The greatest strength in Alison Kent's books is always her character descriptions. Never content to offer stereotypical traits, she takes the ordinary and raises the bar, taking it to the next level.In The Bane Affair, Christian Bane is not just a man with a black ops/mercenary background, he's a man haunted and scarred by memories of time spent in an Asian bamboo cage. Where Kent ramps it up is in the scarring. Foreshadowed by his insistence on darkness whenever he undresses, when revealed, the [...]

    • Bonnie says:

      Look, it was sexy and romantic and funny. It was also dated, needed an editor (copy and general), and had ridiculous villains. Turns out I didn't care that much. I rolled my eyes when someone in New York walked just a few blocks to get from Midtown to the Financial District and when someone is described as doing something knowingly and with intent and in the next sentence said to be doing the same thing "guilelessly." There is a lot more of that kind of stuff. But in the end, it was a beautiful [...]

    • Julie Mink says:

      The first book I've read by Alison Kent and I enjoyed it. It is good romantic suspense reading. This is the first book in the Smithson Group spy series SG5. Christian Bane goes undercover to impersonating Peter Duncan, head of the Spectra IT crime syndicate, and meets with an aging scientist who is willing to betray the US government for money. Natasha, the scientist's goddaughter, is being used as a pawn in his dangerous game. Natasha and Christian must work together to uncover the plot and fin [...]

    • Aleta says:

      I enjoyed this book but I was disappointed in the ending especially. An epilogue or some closure to unresolved questions would have been nice. I've read the next 3 books in this series and while there are some plot line connections, I wish there had been more Spectra storyline development to go along with the character development.

    • Caffenero says:

      There is something in the writing that stopped my enjoying this book. For sure this is the most sweaty book I read in my life. The hero is constantly sweating (Even the h noted ;-P), the h did a lot of activity that made her sweat and their lovemaking involves extra quantity of H2O (Sweat, juices, water,) o_O

    • Sarika says:

      Oh my gosh, this book was absolute genius! I can't believe how good this was. Christian was so sweet, albeit a jerk at first, but for a really good reason. Hell with a past like that I would be shocked if he didn't have the job he has.Dr. Jinx was hilarious. He like that super smart kid that's only cool because he has skills. But I think he needs a girlfriend. Badly.

    • Saskia Walker says:

      Spicey action adventure. This was a terrific read. This story (and the rest of the SG-5 series of books it links to) has a fast-paced action adventure plot. It's all the things you'd expect from a high calibre book of that genre, and the strong female voice behind the writing brought an erotic, romantic and emotionally-complex angle to it that made it an extremely enjoyable read.

    • Tammy says:

      This is a faced paced steamy read. Christian Bane is a spy and hoping to rescue a kidnapped computer programmer. He decides to use Natasha, to get inside but once he gets to know her he wants to lose his cover and let her know the real him. Lots of emotion and intrigue. I really liked this read and looking forward to more.

    • Kelli Jo says:

      If you enjoy a good spy and espionage novel filled with hot sex, this is definitely for you!! It's James Bond meets Christian Grey, only better. You gotta love when all the bad guys get locked up and the good guy comes out a better man than he was before!!

    • Evelyn Bryant says:

      Realized that I had read this before but its still a nice light read. I liked the characters and the adventure and sex dribbled into the story. You read one of these and want to know the stories of the other characters that drift in and out of this story.

    • Felicia says:

      I made it through the first few chapters and then quit. The female lead was so excited about all the things that she owned that I loathed her very quickly. Even if it turned out that she stopped being such a materialistic bimbo, I didn't want to have to read another page about her.

    • Monica says:

      This is a interesting idea for a series. I was just going to read the first couple of pages because I was reading another book. That didn't happen, I ended up reading the whole book in two days. I really enjoyed the spy genre and I can't wait to see how the rest of the series do.

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