Black River

Black River There is no stronger argument for the death penalty than Nicholas Balagula the bloodthirsty West Coast crime boss who has been charged with sixty three counts of homicide many of them children And n

  • Title: Black River
  • Author: G.M. Ford
  • ISBN: 9780380816217
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is no stronger argument for the death penalty than Nicholas Balagula, the bloodthirsty West Coast crime boss who has been charged with sixty three counts of homicide, many of them children And now reclusive rogue journalist Frank Corso the only non participant invited to observe the closed court proceedings stands uncomfortably in the center of the most crazedThere is no stronger argument for the death penalty than Nicholas Balagula, the bloodthirsty West Coast crime boss who has been charged with sixty three counts of homicide, many of them children And now reclusive rogue journalist Frank Corso the only non participant invited to observe the closed court proceedings stands uncomfortably in the center of the most crazed media circus to hit Seattle in years until a personal tragedy diverts his attention When photojournalist Meg Dougherty once Corso s lover and still his dearest friend comes face to face with a pair of cold blooded executioners and ends up clinging weakly to life in the I.C.U the angry lone wolf reporter vows to make all the guilty parties pay, by his own hand if necessary But the black river of lies, secrets, corruption, and murder surrounding both the Balagula trial and Meg s accident is much deeper and dangerous than even Frank Corso anticipated And if he wades in over his head, the undertow could drag him to his death.

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    • Eric_W says:

      Light novel filled with extremes. The bad guy is really bad, surrounded by other really bad guys. And the hero has no problem knocking off a couple of bad guys who seemed to me to be just a couple bricks short of a load. Enjoyable, if predictable. I prefer a little more subtlety, but a satisfactory way to pass some time in between the heavier stuff.

    • Dean Deters says:

      This mystery was well written, with a good combination of plot twists and standard detective work. The author does a good job of giving you insight to a character, so that you understand why they are doing something, instead of just focusing on what they are doing.The ending is not necessarily a surprise, because he leads you logically to the final conclusion, but without making it boring.

    • Ed says:

      #2 in the Frank Corso series.Frank Corso is observing the third trial of Nico Balagula on 63 counts of murder for his next book. Ex-lover, photog Meg Daugherty is tracing the story of an uncovered pickup with a dead body in it when she is chased and left for dead after a car crash. Corso picks up the investigation and he is attacked. The two threads come together neatly and violently.

    • Greg Tymn says:

      I'm continually impressed by the plotting in Ford's novels. The characters are well-developed. The scenes are easy to visualize. The action has a significant degree of tension.What probably impressed me the most in this novel is the quality of the courtroom dialogue. Probably as good as Turow in that regard.Another fine novel in the Corso series.

    • Clint says:

      ive read two of his books and have thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I have added mr ford to my must read list of aurhors.

    • Karen says:

      Picked this book up at a used book seller. Had never heard of the author before. Looking forward to finding and reading his other books. Really liked this one!

    • Herzog says:

      Nice pacing, unscrupulous Russian bad guys and a hero with a moral code made this an entertaining book.

    • Plum-crazy says:

      Another gripping read in a series I can see is going to become a firm favourite. Plenty of suspense & a few shocks which had me on the edge of my seat going "Nooooo!" -but I'm not saying anymore, don't want to spoil it for future readers. Love the characters of Corso & Meg, surely they'd be ideal for TV or film (that said on past experiences they'd be nothing like, Meg probably won't even be tattooed!), loved it & highly recommend it.

    • Jeff Dickison says:

      This is a very good crime/mystery novel. A Russian mobster is being tried for 63 counts of murder for building a shoddy unreinforced hospital in an earthquake zone. The mobster had beaten two earlier trials for other crimes by either killing the witnesses or buying off the jury. Frank Corso is attending the trial intent upon writing a book about the case. He gets involved and helps solve the crime with a burst of violence. Recommended to crime/mystery fans.

    • Paul Edlund says:

      Ford's books are always entertaining - this one is especially good.

    • Òphiere editoriale says:

      Un brutto che piaceBrutto, furbo perfino nelle pennellate ben scritte ma bello da leggere, divertente.Tra i difetti, una totale assenza di autenticità e un protagonista molto "Mary Sue". Abbiamo per esempio un boss russo che si esprime in stile "perdiana": «Ho trattato uomini migliori di lei alla stregua di donnicciole.» Abbiamo procuratori generali che invece dire un franco "cazzo" arpeggiano: «Che io sia dannata». :-)Frank Corso dal canto suo è alto, bello, con espressione che tradisce s [...]

    • Jovdb says:

      An easy read. Frank Corso is the sole non-participant allowed into the court room at the trial of Nicholas Balagula, a vicious Russian mobster who is now operating on the West Coast. This is the third time the state have tried to convict Balagula; if they don't succeed this time, there won't be another trial. Frank needs an ending to his book and has used some connections to get his chance to observe.Meg Dougherty, a former lover, is chasing her own story, trying to get photographs for another s [...]

    • Faouzia says:

      very interesting and enjoyable book. i enjoyed the story and i loves the caracters very much!!I guess in real life many criminals really get away with their crimes for mistrials and all, and i liked the way this story goes on.Spoilers:For a moment i was afraid that meg was really dead, although i kind of figured it out that it was just suspence :) cause i really liked her, a tough woman :)and at the end i totally forgot that Donald Barth was not killedbut those cubans, as planned, and i was surp [...]

    • LJ says:

      BLACK RIVER-VGFord, G.M.- 2nd CorsoMobster Nicholas Balagula cut so many corners when he built a new children's hospital that 63 people died when it collapsed. Now he's up on murder charges, and Seattle true-crime writer Frank Corso, who watched Balagula's first two trials end disastrously when witnesses disappeared and jurors were bought off, is back in court for the third one, which looks like a slam dunk for the prosecution. Then Frank's former girlfriend, photojournalist Meg Dougherty, is br [...]

    • Randy Schultz says:

      I'm gonna just dump it all here. How the hell I missed G.M. Ford for all these years is just beyond me. I love the gunslinger stuff, Lee Child, Stephen Hunter, Robert Crais and John Connolly. To that esteemed group, I now add G.M. Ford. I first tumbled to him last summer at a roadside turnout selling all kinds of junk and a few used books, picked up my first 3 GM's there and have been on the hunt for him ever since. His Leo Waterman stuff is great, the Frank Corso stuff is in a league with the g [...]

    • T says:

      Local author with books set in Seattle, WA. This is one from his Frank Corso series, a newswriter who made a bundle on a book and now lives on a boat and involves the photographer named Meg, who was tattooed by an ex-boyfriend. Corso is following the trial of a Russian guy who is allegedly responsible for the deaths of children due to shoddy building construction that was not up to earthquake code.

    • Susan says:

      I am a huge fan of this author. I liked his Leo Waterman series but this Frank Corsco series is 10 times better. In Black River, murdered people are killed twice and Frank is stuck working backwards trying to find out who is endangering his friend. His characters are really interesting and his plots work just fine.

    • Iain McGregor says:

      A great rollicking read with interesting characters, suspense and humour. Corso is a great creation by G. M. Ford and whilst Meg doesn't feature much in this book, they are still a fascinating duo and I look forward to their further adventures.Small suggestion: read 'Fury' first if you can as it sets the scene as to how Corso and Meg start out, then read 'Black River'

    • Meaghan says:

      Solid. Complex but minimal crazy coincidences. I'm guessing I'll go ahead and read this series and all his other work, much more interesting than retreading Coben and Connelly, waiting for new stuff.

    • Terrie says:

      Set in Seattle so I was predisposed to like it. A decent murder mystery.

    • Maureen says:

      Signed copy.

    • Donna Stinson says:

      My new favorite author. I like the Leo Waterman series slightly better but so far every book has been great.

    • Pasca Noulle says:

      This book and writer, to me is very similar to the tone of the X-Files, which is a good thing!

    • Frank says:

      Good trashy Seattle-based crime novel. Easy reading; I devoured it on a three-legged airplane flight from Miami to Seattle.

    • Irinel Finco says:

      I love Corso!!!

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