Nameless Night

Nameless Night The critically acclaimed and award winning author of the Frank Corso and Leo Waterman series returns with a spellbinding novel of vanished lives and heinous betrayals that races twists and turns lik

  • Title: Nameless Night
  • Author: G.M. Ford
  • ISBN: 9780060874421
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The critically acclaimed and award winning author of the Frank Corso and Leo Waterman series returns with a spellbinding novel of vanished lives and heinous betrayals that races, twists, and turns like a roller coaster running wild.

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      264 G.M. Ford
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    • Jennie says:

      A good thriller has me sitting on the edge of my seat, heart pounding, biting my lip, chewing my nails, gasping with surprise, and thumbing anxiously through the last pages for a sneak peek at whether or not a favorite character survives the action.A good thriller does not have me rolling my eyes, sighing heavily, tapping my foot, or flicking through to the end to see how many pages I still have to get through.It's too bad, really: I remember being rather delighted by Ford's Leo Waterman series, [...]

    • Kell says:

      *REVIEWED FOR PUBLISHER*From the shocking opening scenes to the dizzying heights of the finale, Nameless Night had me hooked – I just couldn’t put it down! Watching the lead character of Paul slowly uncovering the secrets of his identity, never sure of where the next lead might take him or what the consequences might be, was breathtaking and wouldn’t have been half so engrossing if handled by a writer with a lesser skill.The writing is taut, the action is fast-paced and the character inter [...]

    • Lois Duncan says:

      I was immediately caught up in this book and couldn't force myself to lay it down for the first 22 Chapters. The concept of the "man on the run" with amnesia, being chased by nameless terrorists, is impossible to resist. But midway into the book the plot started to go haywire. So many characters poured into the story that I couldn't begin to keep them straight, the realism totally vanished, and the ending was a vast disappointment.I'm distressed about that. For a while there, I thought I'd found [...]

    • T says:

      For some reason, this book left me a little unsettled, a little unsatisfied by the end. Little things - supposedly set in Seattle, but landmarks/names changed, unlike some of his other books set in Seattle. Made me a little disoriented, but I probably wouldn't have been if I didn't know the city.Interesting enough through most of the book, unwinding story of amnesia and physical disfigurement with a massive cover up.

    • Floyd Truskot says:

      The reading level of this book is for a tenth grader. A lot of slang words are used which slows down your reading because you are trying to understand what the character is saying. This is no Jason Bourne or John le Carre' type of novel. Reading very easy. Story line very weak. Author has no clue about people with disabilities, NASA, and FBI on how they operate. Ford's number one job is "quality." NASA's number one job is "human safety." If the author would have know this the Space Shuttle Ventu [...]

    • says:

      Three stars rounded up a bit. I am occasionally plagued by insomnia and tortured by restless leg syndrome that gets worse in direct proportion to my level of sleep deprivation. Stir in some stress and you've got a perfect storm sleeplessness. Such has been the case pretty much since day light savings time threw me for a loop. It's crazy making. Since my family does not appreciate the sounds of nocturnal housekeeping and I generally try to avoid screen time after 10pm I read. Sometimes a lot. Hav [...]

    • Bob says:

      The story starts in a group home for handicapped adults. While they are gathering on the sidewalk to load into the van, a wheelchair bound girl finds herself rolling down the sidewalk in into the street. Paul Hardy, another member of the home goes after her and manages to push her clear of an oncoming car, but has no time to get clear himself. He goes to ground but the car does heavy damage to his face that was already damaged from something that happened 7 years before when he was found lying b [...]

    • LJ says:

      NAMELESS NIGHT (Suspense-US-Cont) – GFord, G.M. – StandaloneWilliam Morrow, 2008, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780060874421First Sentence: Nobody saw it coming.Paul Hardy has spent seven years living in a group home for disabled adults. He had been found near death with severe injuries and no memory of who he was or his past. Now, a freak car accident has him back in the hospital. The man who hit him has paid for complete reconstructive surgery. Paul wakes up with both a new face, an awareness of [...]

    • Greg Tymn says:

      There aren't many reviews of this novel by a very well-respected and highly readable author. I couldn't purchase it in e-format, so I had a hard copy delivered at a very reasonable price (probably lower than a e-book would run).It's a good book. Is it greatke the best of Leo Waterman or Frank Corso? Probably notbut it's not far off. The protagonist was interesting, the story flowed pretty well, there was more than adequate amounts of drama and tension (I read it straight through), and enough "up [...]

    • Pam says:

      11/27/07TITLE/AUTHOR: NAMELESS NIGHT by G. M. Ford RATING: 4/BGENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Suspense/2008/338 pgs SERIES/STAND ALONE: Stand-AloneTIME/PLACE: Present/SeattleCHARACTERS: Paul Hardy/head trauma victim suffering memory loss of identityFIRST LINES: Nobody saw it comingMENTS:rec 11/12/07 ARC form Harper Collins First Look Program. Paul Hardy suffered a head trauma that left him w/o identity and living in a group home for disabled adults for 7 yrs. When he suffers further injuries in an auto [...]

    • Bipin says:

      This book seems to be written by a person with an eidetic memory, recording every small detail the characters encounter with excruciating and vivid description. Sometimes, it is hard to keep up with both description and plot, but on the whole, it was okay. This style of writing made the action scenes play in slow motion while reading, which is kinda exciting for me. The reader is bound to feel the frustration of the protagonist regarding his identity. After some time, the plot spirals out of his [...]

    • Judy says:

      An adventurous little romp--no surprises here in this mystery/quick-read novel. Of course that might be because I had a sneaking suspicion that I read this book before (in the days before was around to keep track of what I've read). It was a fun enough read, making you wonder the who, what, and why of events. There were a couple characters who were introduced who seemed to be up to something however they just ceased to be mentioned by the time things were wrapping up. The protagonist gets the g [...]

    • Dean Deters says:

      G.M. Ford has a knack for leading you along a thread of story, then leaving it for some time, then hitting you across the face with it when you least expect it. This story moves along quickly and easily, bringing in new faces, and then dispatching them in a variety of ways, some positive, some positively gross. I enjoyed this tale of amnesia revisited, although the ending ends up being a bit sappy and happy, almost like it was going to be a movie.

    • Will Hogarth says:

      An enjoyable reed that kept me interested, even though they were no large set pieces that seem typical in books of this type.The flawed hero concept was done very well leading the reader to route for the main character on his quest for discovery, justice and revenge.Finally the language and writing style of the book ensued that the story flowed well and at a pace that kept me turning the pages.A thumbs up fro m me.

    • Ed says:

      A stand-alone thriller from G.M. Ford, the author of the Leo Waterman and Frank Corso series.Thriller - Paul Hardy has been in a home for disabled adults for 7 years since being discovered as a non-verbal, slow-witted amnesiac accident victim. After being hit by a car and subsequent surgery, he recovers his speech and remembers flashes of a former life. However, his first injury wasn't an accident and his search for the past also resurrects the former threat to his life.

    • A.J. van Rooyen says:

      This was a good book. The last couple of pages were both satisfying yet frustrating. There was enough action and suspence, but the ending had only a tiny bit of an extreme coincidence that was jarring, but overall the story was great. Just to clarify using examples not related to this book: Coincidence = two people that happen to pitch up at the same building. Extreme coincidence = two people thinking of the exact same sequence of 25 random letters and numbers when they have no telepathy.

    • Sharon says:

      EXCELLENT! Loved the book. I have enjoyed the stories and characters in the two other series, but this one is so refreshing and the main character is one you really want to succeed. Great scenario, plot, and the characters are charming, entertaining or devious by turn but always believable. You'll not be able to put it down! Thanks Mr. Ford!

    • Pamela says:

      Intriguing plot scenario and characters. Intense action and unfolding drama, sprinkled with bits of humor. Definitely a good action/suspense read, but not quite great overall. Some scenarios were too far reaching to be totally believable. And per my taste, the colorful language in certain scenes was too over the top.

    • Deb Mj says:

      Really enjoyed this book. Some of this is really convoluted, especially the last quarter of the book, but up until that point, it's a 5-star effort. The protagonist is terrific. He's engaging, sweet, optimistic - a real hero - and you enjoy rooting for him. I'll definitely look for more books by this author.

    • Laurie says:

      Satisfying enough amnesia mystery, though overly confusing in the first few chapters. Partly set in my neighborhood. His Frank Corso detective series is better. Ford, John Dunning, and Laurie King are pretty much the only contemporary mystery authors I read regularly.

    • Nathan says:

      Enjoyed this mystery: a mute from a mental institution gradually discovers his identity as conspirators endeavour to catch him. Had pace, a bit of grit, was fairly clean (a couple of mildly described scenes). I will try more books by Ford.

    • Fuyuki - says:

      I thought it was interesting to read about a man without a past. This taught me important concepts about past consequences. It is an unusual setting and got me hooked in the beginning but it wasn't as exciting throughout because the pace was slow.

    • Jim says:

      An amnesiac who begins to recover his memory and searches for his lost identity only to find himself embroiled in a government conspiracy. A taut thriller with G. M. Ford's humor thrown in as a bonus.

    • Mary Todd says:

      good charactersme who live in a group home

    • Lillian says:

      Another excellent book

    • Linda says:

      Talk about conspiracies. Good grief!

    • Priscille says:

      Absolutely loved it! Great thriller with a twist of Jason Bourne and some unique characters. Completely unrealistic, but thoroughly enjoyable.

    • Janet says:


    • Debby says:

      A readable and engaging thriller, well written with just the right amount of description - I enjoyed his language as much as his story. The ending, however, was a bit weak and rushed.

    • Tom Webster says:

      Pretty average thriller fare.Bit too predictable and I didn't really care at all about any of the characters. That said the premise for the story was a pretty good twist on identity theft.

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