Carried Away: A Personal Selection of Stories

Carried Away A Personal Selection of Stories Carried Away is a dazzling selection of stories seventeen favorites chosen by the author from across her distinguished career Alice Munro has been repeatedly hailed as one of our greatest living write

  • Title: Carried Away: A Personal Selection of Stories
  • Author: Alice Munro Margaret Atwood
  • ISBN: 9780307264862
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Carried Away is a dazzling selection of stories seventeen favorites chosen by the author from across her distinguished career.Alice Munro has been repeatedly hailed as one of our greatest living writers, a reputation that has been growing for years The stories brought together here span a quarter century, drawn from some of her earliest books, The Beggar Maid and The MoonCarried Away is a dazzling selection of stories seventeen favorites chosen by the author from across her distinguished career.Alice Munro has been repeatedly hailed as one of our greatest living writers, a reputation that has been growing for years The stories brought together here span a quarter century, drawn from some of her earliest books, The Beggar Maid and The Moons of Jupiter, through her recent best selling collection, Runaway Here are such favorites as Royal Beatings in which a young girl, her father, and stepmother release the tension of their circumstances in a ritual of punishment and reconciliation Friend of My Youth in which a woman comes to understand that her difficult mother is not so very different from herself and The Love of a Good Woman, in which, when an old crime resurfaces, a woman has to choose whether to believe in the man she intends to marry.Munro s incomparable empathy for her characters, the depth of her understanding of human nature, and the grace and surprise of her narrative add up to a richly layered and capacious fiction Like the World War I soldier in the title story, whose letters from the front to a small town librarian he doesn t know change her life forever, Munro s unassuming characters insinuate themselves in our hearts and take permanent hold.

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      447 Alice Munro Margaret Atwood
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    • Ahmad Sharabiani says:

      My best stories, Alice Munro تاریخ نخستین خوانش: دوازدهم ماه جولای سال 2015 میلادیعنوان: عشق جایش تنگ است؛ نویسنده: آلیس مونرو؛ مترجم: نجمه رمضانی؛ تهران، نشر قطره، 1393؛ در 198 ص؛ شابک: 9786001197901؛ موضوع: داستانهای کوتاه از نویسندگان کانادایی قرن 21 ممونرو برنده ی جایزه ی ادبی نوبل سال 2013؛ مجموعه د [...]

    • Glenn Sumi says:

      A superb introduction to one of the best writers in the English language. (If you can get a copy of 1996's Selected Stories you'll be able to sample even more of her early work - since this collection starts with her fourth book.)I've read some of these multiple times, studied them, quoted them, laughed over them and recognized myself and people I know in them.What she does with the short story form is astonishing. And while she's known for her stories set in a particular area of Southwestern On [...]

    • Dolors says:

      WWI. A young librarian receives a letter from a soldier who used to come to the Library to read, unbeknown to her. He declares his love for her and she falls in love with a stranger. When the war is over and the man returns home, the librarian finds out that he was previously engaged to another woman. She never sees his face or talks to him, but his words leave track on her heart forever.Years pass. A tragic accident in the piano factory where the soldier used to work. The widowed owner of the b [...]

    • Julie says:

      Reading Munro is like having tea and conversation with a favourite, elderly aunt you enjoy the journey down memory lane up to a point, but after a while, the stories become tepid, much like the tea that's been sitting too long in its pot. She's a cosy read, and if you dip into her works only occasionally, you are rewarded with little gems. A sustained reading renders you senseless with frustration as she ambles and meanders quite pointlessly at times. Good to take to the cottage, or on a train [...]

    • Bruce says:

      In this collection of seventeen short stories, Alice Munro, the incomparable Canadian author, has woven her usual magic. Each narrative can be read in no more than an hour, yet each story lingers in the reader’s mind for days afterward. The last story in the collection, “The Bear Came Over the Mountain,” was the basis for the recent critically acclaimed Julie Christie movie, “Away From Her.”Many, perhaps most, of the stories revolve around a woman somewhat at the margins of her society [...]

    • Krista says:

      I've read most of My Best Stories from the collections they originally appeared in, but this was a welcome re-acquaintance; a reunion with the nearly forgotten. Here's a longish passage from "Miles City, Montana" that demonstrates why Alice Munro is the master, my guru:Disappeared.But she swam. She held her breath and came up swimming.What a chain of lucky links.That was all we spoke about - luck. But I was compelled to picture the opposite. At this moment, we could have been filling out forms. [...]

    • Richard Newton says:

      I have to admit to ignorance - I had not heard of Alice Munro until she was awarded the Nobel prize for literature. But having heard of her, I am glad I did as these are excellent short stories. It's difficult to decide whether to judge a book like this according to the best stories or the average. The average standard is very high, but inconsistent. Not everything is brilliant, although all are good. And amongst the stories are some truly 5 start gems such as The Bear Came Over the Mountain. Yo [...]

    • says:

      داستان های زیبایی بودونکته بسیارجالب این که محوراصلی وسبک نوشتاری برپایه نامه ونامه نگاری است که برایم بسیارتازگی داشت.قطعابقیه آثارش راهم خواهم خواند

    • Barbara McEwen says:

      4.5 stars - The writing and characters are superb. Maybe I read too many sci-fi and thrillers but I kept anticipating crazy things were going to happen in some of the stories and they didn't. Great stuff even if you aren't getting a lot of action.

    • Simona says:

      Se oggi riesco ad apprezzare maggiormente il genere racconto è grazie soprattutto alla scrittura elegante e raffinata della Munro. Questa raccolta che raccoglie 17 racconti scelti personalmente dall'autrice sono un excursus del meglio della sua produzione. Le tematiche riscontrate sono quelle che i lettori della Munro hanno imparato con il tempo ad apprezzare. Le tematiche spaziano dall'essere se stessi alla sessualità sino alla religione. Le donne della Munro sono donne che cercano il loro eq [...]

    • Julian Meynell says:

      I finally read Munro consumed by guilt at not having read the only Canadian author to ever win a Nobel Prize for literature. This is a collection of short stories covering her whole career. I was a bit leery of Munro because I thought that it would be all icy glances over the dishes. The stories are actually pretty much that kind of thing, but they are quite good.She writes well, although not really well. The third person pieces are more effective because she always writes in the same voice and [...]

    • JBedient says:

      The copy before me is from the library, such a pristine copy too, sad, since anything by Munro from any library should be tattered and dog-eared from the wear and tear of readersBut maybe the past patrons did the same thing I plan to do: I read five stories out of this collection and I decided, firmly and with conviction, to set this copy aside and purchase my own copy. This is a collection of stories to be savored for a lifetime. I could not believe the quality of the writing. The title story w [...]

    • Thebruce1314 says:

      I admit to jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Munro won the Nobel prize and I - being Canadian, a fellow alumna of Western and a lover of literature - was embarrassed to say that I'd never read anything by her. At least that I could recall.I really enjoyed the first couple of stories in this collection, which followed the same characters. They were relatable, they lived in southwestern Ontario and inhabited the world of higher education. I liked that I could picture the setting, and it brou [...]

    • hossein sharifi says:

      کتاب مجموعه سه داستان کوتاه یا بهتر بگم ناوِلت به نام های نفرت، دوستی، معاشقه مهورزی ازدواج 1دور افتاده 2و منزلگاهی در برهوت 3اولین باری بود که از آلیس مونرو میخوندم متن کتاب به خوبی ترجمه شده بود اما شیوه ی نگارش کتاب مورد علاقه من نبود و بشدت از خواندنش خسته شدمنویسنده انگار [...]

    • Penguin Random House Canada says:

      Alice! Is there anyone better? She was my introduction to short stories, and to Canadian literature. Her writing makes me pause on nearly every page and wonder how she can capture a relationship or an emotion as brilliantly as she doesd then I quickly devour the next page and am astounded all over again. Time, after time, after time…and oh, I’ve read these stories many times. I think this is my most-crinkle-paged book on the shelf, and maybe my most gifted book too (in fact, I handed it over [...]

    • Oli Yerovi says:

      I admire the fact that the apparent ordinary existence can be intriguing in her stories and that I did picture the small town Canada living and feeling. But around 500 pages of short stories portraying females in some kind of distress was maybe too much to read all along. I suggest savour each story giving some time from one to another. There were some brilliant stories, which moved me deeply.

    • Peter Mendrela says:

      Prosaic Perfection!If I were given only two words to describe Alice Munro achievement “prosaic perfection” would have to be it.I admit it was thoroughly snobbish of me. It took my own citizenship, an eminent literature professor’s laudatory (and hortatory) analysis, and – as though these were not enough – a Nobel Prize to get to know and instantly becomeIf I were given only two words to describe Alice Munro achievement 'prosaic perfection' would have to be it.I admit it was thoroughly [...]

    • Anna [Floanne] says:

      Questa è un'antologia di racconti tratti da varie opere della Munro e da lei scelti come i più rappresentativi del suo stile, che non più tardi di due anni fa, le ha permesso di essere insignita del meritatissimo Nobel per la Letteratura. Dare un giudizio unico e globale del libro in sé mi riusciva difficile, poiché è la prima volta che mi accosto a questa scrittrice e alla moltitudine di tematiche da lei indagate. Come spesso accade, alcuni brani mi hanno colpito maggiormente rispetto ad [...]

    • Ilse Wouters says:

      I was already a fan of Alice Munro´s excellent short stories and this collection is a wonderful way to enjoy them one by one I had the collection at my bed side waiting for the right moment to read it. It has finally come! While reading a quite complex historical novel in Spanish, I felt I could "digest" it better when reading a short story from this collection between every two chapters of the Spanish book. It´s amazing what AM can say in a single short story, and maybe even more amazing is t [...]

    • Ben Winch says:

      I'm ashamed to say I didn't get to read all of these stories before I had to return them to the library (short stories, especially of 20 pages and up, being in a way harder to 'make time' for than novels because they should/must be read in one sitting), but from what I read they were excellent, especially 'The Moons of Jupiter'. That story has everything! Small-scale yet cosmic - by the end it just opens out like the roof peeling back from the observatory and leaves you gazing out at the 'shorel [...]

    • Gail Amendt says:

      I first read Alice Munro for a university English course when I was eighteen, and I can't say that I cared for her writing very much. It seemed to be just a series of stories about nothing. When my book club decided to read this collection of her short stories, I wondered if 25+ years of maturity would increase my appreciation for her writing, and I'm happy to say that it has. Her stories are still about nothingjust about people living mundane lives going through fairly ordinary events. Her gift [...]

    • Cláudia says:

      Demorei um pouco a entrar no ritmo de Alice Munro, tenho de admitir. O primeiro conto pareceu-me bastante aborrecido e num livro de 600 e tal páginas, é bastante problemático começar com o pé errado. De qualquer maneira, nunca abandono um livro e dei uma oportunidade ao conto seguinte, que me surpreendeu bastante (acabando por ser o meu preferido de todo o livro). A sua escrita é bastante suave, fácil de ler, sem o uso exagerado de palavras complexas como costumamos ver em vencedores do p [...]

    • Cid Medeiros says:

      By beautifully and insightfully telling displaced short stories, Munro ended up composing bigger ones. It felt like an old brain remembering its own existence through the recollection of scattered memories while her owner is drinking some hot beverage during some Canadian winter. Just like that: someone, somewhere in Canada, sometime That lack of rigidness, while deconstructing the traditional line of time of reading novels, creates an organic and more natural telling stories experience: she doe [...]

    • Shannon says:

      I've always been a little skeptical of some people's passionate adoration of all things Munro, because I thought they might like the idea of her better than the actual stories. But after committing to this big ol' anthology of some of her best, I have to admit that I was wrong. She gets it so right sometimes that she made me feel a little exposed. Some of my favorites--The Beggar Maid, Vandals, Runaway.

    • Rachelheavers says:

      Wow.Margaret Atwood told me to read this book, in the introduction to this book, but it certainly didn't prepare me to like this book as much as I do. Alice Munro is the perfect women's author. There are people in my real life that I understand better because of the people she creates, dissects and explains in the not-real world of her stories. Wander through my day thinking about things I read the night before, the best possible endorsement.

    • Jill says:

      Alice Munro is simply the best contemporary short story writer. Each story is compelling and the characters fascinating. Plus many are set in 20th Century Ontario - a nice change from American settings.

    • Shannon Coates says:

      Incomparably beautifulEternally elegantPoignant

    • Antonia says:

      This type of literature is the opposite of my taste - I found Munro's writing too conservative and ordinary.

    • Shuriu says:

      "It did not occur to me then that one day I would be so greed for Jubilee. Voracious and misguided as Uncle Craig out at Jenkin's Bend, writing his history, I would want to write things down. I would try to make lists. A list of all the stores and businesses going up and down the main street and who owned them, a list of family names, names on the tombstones in the cemetery and any inscriptions underneath… The hope of accuracy we bring to such tasks is crazy, heartbreaking. And no list could [...]

    • Brynn says:

      The collection I read is called "My Best Stories", a Penguin edition published in 2006. It doesn't seem to exist under that title here and I'm confused as to if it's actually just this one. It seems like it is, in which case I don't know why mine isn't called it. Either way, this review is for 17 of Alice Munro's short stories.This. Writing. Is. Fucking. Extraordinary.Usually when you see the reviews included in the first few pages of a book you can be reasonably sure that there's at least a lit [...]

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