The Indulgent Husband

The Indulgent Husband Following the excitement of a shared life in Paris Claudine s marriage to the distinguished Renaud has settled into a stale pattern of bickering conversations and mutual inattention Just as Claudine

  • Title: The Indulgent Husband
  • Author: Colette
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following the excitement of a shared life in Paris, Claudine s marriage to the distinguished Renaud has settled into a stale pattern of bickering conversations and mutual inattention Just as Claudine begins to fear herself confined to a stifled existence, a chance meeting with a friend s wife, the beautiful Rezi, draws her into an impassioned and heartbreaking affair.

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    • knig says:

      ‘Claudine Married’ is part of a series but perfectly sensible as a stand-alone. Set out in exquisite tones, this tale of ‘en menage’ devolves quickly into an intense ménage a trios, as Claudine, her husband Renaud and a beautiful woman aristocrat Rezi embark on a series of intimate, intertwined and intricate liaisons.Colette is marvellous in exploring the Sapphic bond between Claudine and Rezi in dulcet, dreamy hues, as the two women give in to their senses with such delicacy of percept [...]

    • Lobo says:

      Nie spodziewałam się, że Małżeństwo Klaudyny będzie moją ulubioną częścią serii. A jednak jest najzabawniejsza, najbardziej ironiczna, iskrząca dowcipem, dająca równie dobry wgląd w życie wewnętrzne Klaudyny, co pierwszy tom, dzięki czemu możemy też przekonać się, jak bardzo bohaterka się zmieniła, jak dojrzała, kim zdecydowała się być. Nie będę ukrywać, że ta niezdarna poliamoria w zalążku, jaką zarysowano w małżeństwie Klaudyny i Renauda nie pozostała be [...]

    • Dvora says:

      Oooo la la!

    • Geoff Wooldridge says:

      Claudine Married (1902) is the third in Colette's early series about a young French girl, which is based loosely on her own experiences.Following Claudine at School and Claudine In Paris, the young ingénue is now married to the older but devoted Renaud. Following a long honeymoon around Europe, the married couple return to France to settle into married life. After a short visit to Claudine's home town and school in Montigny, the take up residence in Paris.To Claudine, Renaud is a combination of [...]

    • Sharon Terry says:

      I loved this book, except for the copout ending. Claudine is now married, but admits to feeling restless and dissatisfied. At one of her husband's "at home" days, she meets and becomes fascinated with the ultra-feminine Rezi, the wife of a Colonel Lambrook, who has left his soul in India and seems like a walking carcass. Claudine and Rezi embark on a passionate affair, with the voyeuristic cooperation of Claudine's husband Renaud, who even sources an apartment where they can meet and indulge the [...]

    • Trish says:

      great writing still but plot involves some 'creepy' passages involving girls below 15 and her husband 40+. social norms have changed! thank goodness I might add.

    • Mel says:

      Claudine married sees Miss Claudine once again filled with self-doubt. After travelling for a couple years with her husband, and visiting the countryside once again she settles in Paris and is rather discontented with her marriage. She finds herself falling in love with the beautiful Rezi, who is also in love with her back. It's a very sweet romance, and the two being young turn of the century women find themselves at great difficulty finding anywhere to get together, so enlist the help of Claud [...]

    • Debore says:

      I did very much enjoy this book, I know its the time talking and it was very brave of Colette to write about lesbianism at all, but lesbianism is seen here as by the husband- as an entirely sexual endeavor which doesn't count as cheating, he becomes excited at the prospect of the two ladies entwined. By the main character it is a surreal thing, she becomes initially ill at the thought of it before succumbing entirely yet believing she is not in love and still she calls Rezi her mistress. But thr [...]

    • Bonnie says:

      Claudine Married is my favorite of the Claudine series so far. She has developed into an adult and has started to realize that instead of an uneven relationship, in which one partner controls and another is subservient and often abused, she needs more. Part of the joy and agony of this story is that she is honest with herself in seeing that she doesn't know what she wants. Her mind is pretty confusing, but it's not always easy for anyone to define what they need and what they're missing. I also [...]

    • emm says:

      I loved this, like a I do all of Colette's work, even the things I have'nt read yet! "Claudine Married" is about a young woman married to an older man whose relationship I'll describe as father-daughter with a romantic twist. The wife enters into an emotional affair with someone else and the husband gets involved turning the affair into a pseudo- scandalous threesome. A great read. A QUICK read, mostly because I had the hardest time putting the book down.Next stop: "Gigi; Julie de Carneilhan; Ch [...]

    • patrycja polczyk says:

      I’d give this book 1,5 star. I didn’t like it really, it was bit of a waste of time to reading it. And I think it should have been called “Claudine and Rezi”… Most of the book was about how they love each other. Or not. I enjoyed chapter somewhere around the end of the book, when Claudine talked about things other then love. I enjoyed previous books about Claudine more, especially the first one. That one annoyed me mostly.

    • Zen Cho says:

      This was super trashy. Aw yeah! I picked it up pretty much only because the back cover had a quote from a British newspaper: "The Well of Loneliness looks reassuringly English in comparison." It is a book that is hilariously French as other people think of the French. And like The Well of Loneliness, there are issues with the reinforcing of heterosexuality as the only true sexuality. Bah.

    • secondwomn says:

      colette's whimsy is enchanting. claudine is at her best when courting another women, so the introduction of rezi is a charming turn for the series. good in-between-serious-books or late-night-having-a-glass-of-wine reading. or both.

    • Courtney says:

      ColetteThe Complete ClaudineIn compilation only.

    • Andrea Quinlan says:

      I love Colette's Claudine series and this one in particular. Claudine's relationships with both Renaud and Rezi are beautifully drawn.

    • Nose in a book (Kate) says:

      Not as charming as the earlier Claudine books, though still entertaining.My full review: noseinabook/?p=2366

    • Alicia says:

      A review I read called this good, and readable - but not a great book. I tend to agree. It's odd and provocative but slightly irritating.

    • VeganMedusa says:

      Left in a motel room in Timaru, to counteract the Barry Crump books.

    • Lora says:

      At the time I noted that I didn't particularly enjoy the book but needed to find out what ultimately happened to Claudine.

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