Salvation Creek

Salvation Creek At Susan Duncan appeared to have it all Editor of two top selling women s magazines a happy marriage a jetsetting lifestyle covering stories from New York to Greenland the world was her oyster B

  • Title: Salvation Creek
  • Author: Susan Duncan
  • ISBN: 9781846040528
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • At 44 Susan Duncan appeared to have it all Editor of two top selling women s magazines, a happy marriage, a jetsetting lifestyle covering stories from New York to Greenland, the world was her oyster But when her beloved husband and brother die within three days of each other, her glittering life shatters In shock, she zips on her work face, climbs back into her high heeAt 44 Susan Duncan appeared to have it all Editor of two top selling women s magazines, a happy marriage, a jetsetting lifestyle covering stories from New York to Greenland, the world was her oyster But when her beloved husband and brother die within three days of each other, her glittering life shatters In shock, she zips on her work face, climbs back into her high heels and soldiers on until one morning eighteen months later, when she simply can t get out of bed Heartbreaking, funny and searingly honest, Salvation Creek is the story of a woman who found the courage not only to begin again but to beat the odds in her own battle for survival and find a new life and love in a tiny waterside idyll cut off from the outside world.Combining all the sweeping, rollercoaster style of a bestselling novel with the very best and most inspiring human interest story, Salvation Creek is a tour de force that will stay with the reader long after she has turned the last page.

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      480 Susan Duncan
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    • Suzanne says:

      Susan Duncan was a professional with a great career in the magazine industry and journalism. Her brother and husband died within three days of each other. This is her story. From the Nepean River in Penrith, to country Victoria and the interesting shores of Pittwater NSW, this was a fantastic story of this woman’s resilience and strength as she faced more than her fair share of battles.I really did enjoy this book, it exceeded my expectations, in more ways than one. I borrowed this copy of a f [...]

    • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews says:

      *3.5 starsAt 44 years of age journalist Susan Duncan’s life changes dramatically in just over a week, when she loses two people she loves. First her brother passes away and this is followed in close succession, just days after, by her husband. It takes Susan eighteen months to realise she has not dealt with her grief properly, she has only swept it under the carpet and carried on life as usual. A lifestyle makeover is what Susan’s soul craves. Enter Pittwater, an idyllic island based locale, [...]

    • Diana says:

      Loved this book! I'm probably biased as, first of all, I just visited and experienced Pittwater for a few days and its easy to visualise the place when she (Susan Duncan) tells about it. And she covers the topics travel, moving house, cancer and loss in a way that resonates with me. But besides that I like the way she writes; honest and with humour. And now I want to live in Pittwater. Ok, maybe only when it's good weather, but still. Read the book and be sure to visit the place when you're in A [...]

    • Linda says:

      I loved this book so much I couldn't put it down but at the same time wanted it to last. A wonderful memoir of a very strong woman who has been to hell and back. There is a follow up book just published, can't wait to get my hands on it!

    • Dmareen says:

      Loved this because it was set in a beautiful location in Australia and based on true events. Always a favourite for me.A very enjoyable read.

    • David says:

      Firstly, had I read this, I don’t think I would have made it very far into the book before I unceremoniously dumped it. I didn’t read it. I listened to it as I drove around the Murray River area of NSW/VIC. 14 hours of listening to the author, Susan Duncan, give her autobiography. Because I listened to it as I drove around, and interspersed it with little country towns, cold running creeks and rivers, coffee shops and the odd vineyard or two, I was happy to go along with her ride.I didn’t [...]

    • Carinya Kappler says:

      “Ruthlessly honest, passionate, gutsy and Funny.” – These observations are attributed to Maggie Tabberer and appear on the front cover of the book reminding me a little of the health warning on a cigarette packet. (Believe this or be prepared to suffer the consequences!) The reader is enticed to accept these words at face value thus providing a ready made set of parameters (ie a level of credibility) in which to read the author’s tale, or alternately he or she could chose to allow the st [...]

    • C says:

      I began this book thinking itwould be about a woman who lost her husband and brother to cancer, and how she dealt with that. So I felt great sympathy for her when she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. However I had little sympathy for her during the married man affair. Interesting reading, and very descriptive of her surroundings, but often I found her complete lack of concern for others - for example getting 2 jack russell terriers and allowing them to run free though native bush, and e [...]

    • Trish says:

      I may be pedantic but, I could not finish this book after I read on page 37 - A phone call comes mid-morning in early August."It's Fleury's birthday. Come to Pittwater for the weekend.""Stewart! How are you? What are you up to?""Good, I'm good. Can you make it?" he asks."When?""July twenty-three."I hesitate."Be great if you could help with the cooking. And Sophia needs a lift."The clinchers. I'm needed. Can't say no to all thatIs good old Stewie getting in early for the next year? Is Susan a tim [...]

    • Luke56 says:

      A miserable and self-indulgent book. I couldn't warm to the writer. Yes, she suffered some tragedy, but lots of people have done that without having affairs with married men and losing all sense of themselves. And what sort of idiot would think that it was OK to get two dogs and let them run wild in a national park?I bought the book because I used to spend my holidays at Lovett Bay, 50 years ago. I wish now that I hadn't bothered. Written in the present tense, which you'd think a journalist woul [...]

    • Victoria says:

      A moving warmhearted account of dealing with grief and escaping from the ratrace. And the lemon cake is delicious.

    • Shokufeh شکوفهKavani کاوانی says:

      A wonderful read about the mire of depression and finding happiness in the most unusal place and how life and happiness is not what people see from outside. It is all inside YOU.

    • Dale Pearce says:

      At 44 Susan Duncan appeared to have it all. Editor of two of Australia's top selling women's magazines, a happy marriage, a jetsetting lifestyle covering stories from New York to Greenland, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty, the world was her oyster. But when her beloved husband and brother die within three days of each other, her glittering life shatters. In shock, she zips on her work face and soldiers on - until one morning eighteen months later when she simply can't get out of bed. He [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      As I read this book, I felt as if I was travelling alongside the author as she battles losses of family members, cancer and then embarks on a new life in an amazing part of Australia. The story unfolds with lots of changes for the author who decides to create a new life for herself. She goes on to reveal a little known background of an historic house plus describes the wonderful residents and lifestyles of the residents who live in her new community. I loved this book and it's my 'go to book' wh [...]

    • Elizabeth Cook says:

      I chose this book to read as my sister is facing death by cancer and so, I am too indirectly, as I start to come to terms with her tragic circumstances. The author started out as a capable, independent, strong woman who could handle anything, thank you very much. Coming face to face with death was mind-stopping, but gradually she clawed her way through, gaining many insights and wisdom-still capable and strong. The book was a beautiful inspiring read.

    • Tricia Riley says:

      When Susan's husband and brother die within a few days of each other, she finds it difficult to go on. She leaves her job, packs up her dog and cat, and tries to start again.I liked the book but I found it very slow in some places and a bit dull. It is a real account of someone dealing with grief so it is worth a read.

    • Toni says:

      This book was an inspiring delight! Despite many very sad and emotional topics the authors descriptions made me laugh ( and occasionally cry) - the characters seemed so real - they were! But reading the book is like reading a novel rather than a biography, very relaxing and one that all us could relate too. I am very looking forward to reading the next book. Great writing Susan, thank you.

    • Megan Kelosiwang says:

      Fantastic read. This feels like a very real, revealing story without being melodramatic. Easy to sit on the side and see the mistakes she continues to make but hard to comprehend how to live through such pain. Fantastic to hear Susan talk about her work on the radio and then to read about her life.

    • Mardi says:

      Great read; discovered this sitting on my Mum's bookshelves.

    • Ruth Forbes says:

      Well written honest sharing of life's journey.

    • Georgie Patten says:

      Beautifully written, dealing with some hard topics in a delicate but real way. Pace is slow but the story is gripping. Thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to reading more from Susan Duncan!

    • Penny Miller says:

      I struggled to get in to this book. While the story is motivational and touching, it was also long winded and boring.

    • Rebecca Day says:

      Beautiful, a three sitting book. Found it very hard to put down. Stunningly written. Recommended for every 40 something woman with a bit of Gypsy in her soul. Ten stars.

    • Heather says:

      Salvation Creek by Susan Duncan is one of those refreshingly honest books that you pick up and think to yourself, “Wow, things could be worse.” It also makes you realise that human beings are capable of pushing through just about any kind of adversity imaginable, coming out the other side with a fresh outlook and appreciation for the life that we are given.After a 25 year career in journalism (including newspaper, radio and editing some of the top women’s magazines in Australia), Susan wok [...]

    • Sue Liu says:

      It was one of our bookclub reads. I really did enjoy reading this book - and I loved discovering Pittwater and Scotland Island life and communities through Susan's experiences.Appreciating where Susan was in her life, the tragedy of her loses and trying to grapple with where to twist and turn with her career and her future really resonnated with me. At times though, yes I agree, she was a frustrating person to observe ( within her OWN observation of herself in this book that is). In particular, [...]

    • Caitlin says:

      So this may break my ' friend Angela's heart, but I can't say I loved this book was just a bit twee and went over the 'rural people are so much better than city people with their homespun wisdom' thing. oh and boats. always with the boats. Actually, it was a quick, pretty good read but the parts that rubbed me the wrong way was her affair with a married man which SHOCK! SPOILER ALERT! didn't work out and left her feeling like crap. And her belief that thinking happy thoughts would help her overc [...]

    • Sharron Shimbel says:

      Susan Duncan's memoir of a short period of her life is a very good read. Struggling with family loss and her own cancer she tries to find herself a new and happier place. Susan is the first to admit that in the past she has made less than perfect choices and in her struggle through depression and sickness she again flounders while all the time trying to lead an easier more fulfilling life. This is not a "pink ribbon/ chick/lit story, it seems to me a very honest portrayel of her attempt to regai [...]

    • Debbie Terranova says:

      To be honest, I was given this book and didn't expect much. It looked like another soul-searching story about a lost woman who had bad things happen to her and survived. The title didn't inspire me either, as it gave the impression it would be about some sort of religious epiphany (which is not my thing at all).I took the book on holiday to the beach. Yes, it is about self-discovery and reinvention, but it is so compellingly written that I simply couldn't put it down.In a former life, the author [...]

    • Sharon says:

      About to start for a book club. Not sure I would have picked it to read otherwise.I seem to have faffed around with this book for ages now, originally it was a book choice to read for a book club. I started it and originally enjoyed it, then got irritated by it and put it down for ages, picked it up and read it in one or two chapters at a time and now I have finally finished it. And what did I think? I don't know, lol! It seems everyone pretty much loved it within the book club but I've felt ver [...]

    • Jacinta says:

      To be truthful, I wasn't that big of a fan. It was one of those books you get half way through and continue to read as quickly as you can to the end just because you can't wait for it to be over, rather than looking forward to the ending. In saying that, my mother really loved this book, so perhaps it is one of those 'age appropriate' only novels. The story line was okay, the ending was really lovely but the thing that most annoyed me about the book was the overuse of adjectives. I understand th [...]

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