Mom Said Kill

Mom Said Kill From an Edgar Award winning author comes the shocking true story of Barbara Opel a woman who convinced a group of teenagers including her year old daughter to savagely kill her boss photos Origi

  • Title: Mom Said Kill
  • Author: Burl Barer
  • ISBN: 9780786019090
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • From an Edgar Award winning author comes the shocking true story of Barbara Opel, a woman who convinced a group of teenagers, including her 13 year old daughter, to savagely kill her boss photos Original.

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      121 Burl Barer
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    • Yael says:

      On April 18, 2001, Gregory and Teresa Heimann arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, having just come in from Atkins, Arkansas to visit with Gregory's father, Jerry Heimann, whom they hadn't seen in five years. Expecting to be met at the airport by Jerry, they were disappointed to find he wasn't there to greet them. When they took the airport shuttle to his home in Everett, Washington, they were stunned to find not only that he wasn't home, but his house had been virtually stripped bar [...]

    • Hippiemom says:

      Well, I made it to page 100- and have decided this book is no longer worth my time. It is RARE that I do not finish a book. But this was tedious as well as totally boring. I have read true crime novels previously but was not prepared for how poorly this was written- dull, dull, and went in circles that made it all confusing. Don't waste your time.

    • Eva Leger says:

      I just finished this a few minutes and want to do this while it's still fresh in my mind. I should also say that this is the first true crime story I've read in a lot of years. This, for a time period of a few years or more, was pretty much the only genre I read, so while I am sort of knowledgable, it's been awhile. One thing that struck me different with this book versus others I've read in the past is the legal spectrum. Others that I've read, with the exception of Ann Rule's book (she could n [...]

    • ♥ Marlene♥ says:

      What a terrible book!!! It was bad from the start. Constantly jumping around, the story was so weird because of this jumping.Not only that but he has different people, ones you have not even officially met in the book,ones that killed, tell different stories of the same events. There is no summerization at all and this stays so in the book. One of the worst true crime books I have read!I hope this was one Burl Barer's first books because I know he has written good books too. So immensely glad I [...]

    • Ruth Turner says:

      An interesting true story about a mother that recruits her children and some of their friends to murder her employer.Unfortunately, it was badly written, often confusing, and boring. The story was more about the law than the crime and its perpetrators.Wasn't worth the time to read it.

    • Amy says:

      Back on my true crime kick. Happened in Washington State in the early 2000's.

    • PaigeMarie says:

      This was a good book, however it could have been written a little better to keep me interested. I found some parts boring and because of that, this one gets a 3 from me.

    • Veronica says:

      A harrowing detail of a mother corrupting her children to commit murder. The book was okay, but I felt like I was reading a lengthy newspaper complete with transcripts from the court through its legal proceedings. It's like CSI in print form. What's lacking though, is Barbara's descend into the criminal life, like where she came from, what made her that way. I guess I expected it to be a biography, narrowing down into the psychological aspect of the crime.

    • Sonja Wennekes says:

      Enjoyed it greatly. One messed up woman!!!I would recommend this book to those who enjoy true crime and want a quick read. More background on Barbara would have made it more interesting or easier to understsnd her thought processes. Will now download "Murder in the family"

    • Megan Kaeck says:

      It was a pretty good story and it was relayed very well to the reader but there was a lot of information that I thought was unnecessary and there are parts in the book that I felt sort of went on and on.

    • Kristen Doherty says:

      About a mother that is the mastermind of a murder

    • Jennifer says:

      Too much political/social commentary.

    • Robyn Dones says:

      Read in 2009

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