Romantically Challenged

Romantically Challenged When L A entertainment lawyer Julie Burns becomes convinced that finding The One is just a numbers game she sets out on a dating frenzy From chance meetings and blind dates to dating services and the

  • Title: Romantically Challenged
  • Author: Beth Orsoff
  • ISBN: 9780451217745
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • When L.A entertainment lawyer Julie Burns becomes convinced that finding The One is just a numbers game, she sets out on a dating frenzy From chance meetings and blind dates to dating services and the wonderful world of the Internet, Julie will try anything to meet her man And in the process, she discovers a secret or two about the single life Sometimes love sneaks uWhen L.A entertainment lawyer Julie Burns becomes convinced that finding The One is just a numbers game, she sets out on a dating frenzy From chance meetings and blind dates to dating services and the wonderful world of the Internet, Julie will try anything to meet her man And in the process, she discovers a secret or two about the single life Sometimes love sneaks up on you when you least expect it and even the worst first impressions can have surprising results.

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      281 Beth Orsoff
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    • VLynch says:

      This book was awful, just a long book complaining about dating. I really wanted to reach through the book and offer the main character some cheese to go with her whine (wine). The worst part was when the book finally did end, it was all of a sudden. With the very last page reading something like "For those looking for the epiloge please see my website" by the author. Seriously? No, thank you. Sorry, I suffered enough. I am usually pretty generous with my reviews, but this book was really a strug [...]

    • Al says:

      A quick perusal of the book description may lead you to believe this book is contemporary romance or chick lit. That’s part of the story, but not all. There may be something for a man here too.Julie Burns is under pressure from her mother, friends, and the constant clicking of the clock. She decides if she’s ever going to marry and have a family it must happen soon. It’s a numbers game anyway. Just meet and date enough men and surely she’ll uncover Mr. Right.Everyone will enjoy the humor [...]

    • Angie says:

      If you're looking for a long list of common (and frankly, too easy) dating complaints disguising itself as a novel, this is for you. The author spent 98% of the book complaining about men and wrapped it all up within the last 2%, leaving it feeling like it was finished because she was up against a deadline rather than where the story should've actually finished. If I didn't have a compulsive need to finish a book once I've started it, I would've set this aside.

    • Alison says:

      Julie Burns is a thirty-one year old Jewish entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles. At yet another family wedding where she is forced to wear a hideous bridesmaids outfit she is informed that if she wants to have children before the age of 35 then she needs to find a husband in the next 12 months. Having signally failed previously she decides (egged on by her friends) that she has been too picky and that romance is a numbers game so she proceeds to go on a series of dates with men she would never n [...]

    • Marielle says:

      I read Romantically Challenged by Beth Orsoth on my mother's recommendation. She cautioned me that it was "silly" but a fun read nonetheless.The recommendation:This book is a really quick read. It's simply written, and entertaining enough. It is most definitely the kind of book you take to the beach, and I wouldn't dissuade anyone from reading it for those purposes.The "pan":The book also has to be one of the most vapid pieces of writing I've ever read. The main character, Julie Burns, is a Jewi [...]

    • Andrea says:

      This book sucked. I didn't actively like any of the characters, and the ones that I didn't hate were too bland for me to feel anything for. And it'd be one thing if I didn't like the characters but felt that they had something to say, but they didn't. Some of the politics were truly problematic, and I honestly did not give two shits about what happened to anyone in the story. Literally the only thing the protagonist wanted was to find a husband. Even when she is unexpectedly advancing in her car [...]

    • Joanne Chatterton says:

      I'm not finished this book, but it doesn't matter because it's worth a read! It had me hooked by the first 2 pages. The quirky humour and fun-loving angst of the heroine just makes me snicker as I read!Revision to editThe more I get into this book, the more I'm annoyed by the heroine! I don't like the way she's portrayed or acts. She appears, to me, to be too self-absorbed and picky to know what she wants. I get annoyed the way she'll pounce on a comment and twist it around and get mad at the pe [...]

    • Tin says:

      Good thing the author wrote an epilogue for this and posted it on her website (bethorsoff/books/romantica), or my rating would have been a star lower. The characters eventually ended up with each other, it's just that, they officially got together at the last chapter. No, make that, the last page, or the last paragraph. That's how long it took Julie to realize that whoever she was looking for was always there all along.Setting aside that abrupt ending, Romantically Challenged is overall an enter [...]

    • Jen says:

      I had been looking for this book for sometime because it describes my own situation so well. Romantically Challenged, not willing to settle and having some difficulty finding that one person just right for you. I was very excited to have finally found the book and couldn't wait to start reading it.The book itself has definite potential but the author clutters it in away. The character goes on date after date with guy after guy which introduces too many characters and makes it hard to remember wh [...]

    • Elizabeth Aloe says:

      If you are going to write a town into your story, at least visit it first. Her description of San Luis Obispo couldn't have been more wrong. Not only is it about 100 miles north of Santa Barbara, its also 10 minutes from the beach (by car) not a couple blocks. You can't walk from the beach into town (which has very good dining). Since I live in SLO, I know what I'm talking about. Normally, I'm not so nitpicky, but I'm protective of my town. Sounds like she just picked a place on the map and gues [...]

    • Dirty Dayna says:

      I wanted to love this book it had so much potentionalI was expecting a series of hilarious blind dates. This book was bad dates due to being too picky. She didn't want to date someone too rich, too short, etc nothing like he showed up in a chicken suit or something funny. And where did that ending come fromes dateless then bam happily ever after there wasn't even a pursuit

    • Angie says:

      Didn't really care for this book out of the three I read of Beth Orsoff. The more I read her books the more it seemed that she put women to be desperate and one had to have a man to complete themselves. I got really bored with the finding a date story when you know from the beginning of the book who she will end up with anyways. Oh well. Maybe next book I read will be better.

    • Janet says:

      This book was pretty predictable chick lit, but a easy enough read for a lazy weekend. I thought the ending, although contrived, came on a bit abruptly. Meanwhile, a lot of the details in the book could have been left out.

    • Abby Jean says:

      nobody did anything for any reason, everyone was awful.

    • Sheryl says:

      This book was a delight to read. It was funny, light-hearted and a quick read. Julie is a very likeable character and the men she meets and the situations she finds herself in are so funny. The book is well written and the pace is good. It keeps moving and never seems to drag. It made me want to keep reading, thus I breezed through it. A note for print book readers: There is an author's note at the end of the Kindle edition directing readers to her website ([]) to read a short epilogue to the st [...]

    • Linda says:

      Julie truly is romantically challenged. In her professional life she had all of her ducks in a row. In her personal life the clock is ticking and she feels the pressure to find a guy, get married and start a family from parents and friends.Julie, being highly logical, decides dating is a numbers game; the more guys you date the more likely it is that you will find Mr. Right. Although, after being burned from a long term relationship, she had raised her standards unrealistically high. I didn't li [...]

    • Kristin (Kritters Ramblings) says:

      A great cute little read that kept me chuckling and reading til the end. The story follows a successful LA lawyer who is listening to her internal clock, but still having a hard time finding the guy who checks off everything on her must have list.I loved that this book read different than most when the main character is in pursuit of the perfect guy. I couldn't pick out the guy she would end up with until very close to the ending. The different dates she went on were more than entertaining!A cut [...]

    • Regan Landau says:

      Almost gave this book 4 stars. I enjoyed the writing, the dialogue, most of the characters (yes, even the rapid-fire cast of non-stop dates). I knocked off a full star because the ending was completely unsatisfying. The whole book was rising action, and the last few pages were "Ta-Da!!!" Like a magician who waves his hands around to distract you for 30 seconds but never does a magic trick. There's no climax in this book. It just abruptly ends. And it ends precisely the way you think it will.

    • Max Trumble says:

      Soooo full of long winded nonsense. It was like "get to the action already"! Maybe it's just me, but I don't get how on earth people like this long winded garbage This was recommended to me by two people, both indie authors, and now, as I look back at it, I see that all these authors are promoting each others work. This was just not for me and I should have read a sample first before buying on recommendation from the author's friends.

    • Anna says:

      This book is as fluffy as chick lit gets, but it's FUN!! Filled with outrageous but relatable situations and hilarious one-liners, there's never a dull moment. I can relate to the main character a lot because I'm just as picky when it comes to men! The story was simply written and very preditable, but I'm not looking for something that makes me think when I pick up a book like this. I will like to read more from Beth Orsoff in the future!

    • EThayer3 says:

      I needed an easy, quick, uncomplicated read and this book did the trick. A 30 something attorney in California goes on the hunt for a man. It was fun to read of her escapades but there was nothing redeemable about her or her life except the fact that she didn't sleep with these guys on the first date. I found her behavior towards her parents particularly offensive. This book was great for a non-intellectual challenge.

    • Marj says:

      3 1/2 stars – i liked the story overall but i thought there were too much dating and too many guys for one girl. i understand that’s the point of the story that she’s unlucky in love but then she ended up with one of the first guys introduced in the story it’s like the author gave us a wild goose chase only to come back to the start. but i guess it’s journey that brought her to her true love that’s more important.

    • Wawa says:

      It was okay. It had to be. I didn't make it through the whole thing for it not to be okay. The main character was a little bit shallow and everything happened pretty fast especially the ending. In all fairness when I was looking for a book to read, okay was what I was after so it delivered as requested. If you want to read something simple then this is the book for you.

    • Marja says:

      Won this in a Giveaway and received it in the mail. Beth, the Author, included a personal message. What a wonderful touch!! It was such a cute novel. I couldn't put it down. So nice to have a chick lit novel that wasn't covered in sexual scenes. I remember being in the dating world and could empathize with Julie. A definite beach read.

    • Andrea Wenger says:

      Orsoff is a skilled storyteller, and this book is a fun, light, easy read. Orsoff's voice is engaging, and it hooked me from the first paragraph. The book is an entertaining and funny contemporary romance / chick lit novel. The character development is appropriate for that genre. I look forward to seeing Orsoff continue to grow as an author.

    • Englandjennifer says:

      Hilarious, if you've ever been in the dating world you can relate to Julia on so many levels. It was nearly a five star book but it seemed the book really had no substance just a bunch of scenes on her different dates. I almost forgot who was who and the ending did not leaving me wanting more of this book. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend to my single girlfriends

    • Elizabeth says:

      Ah a story about us 30 something's.To read a story that parallels so many of us 30 something's that are still struggling to find love or recovering from a loss we thought would be forever. This story was funny and I was really able to relate to. Down to earth lawyers and crazy dates and idiot men and women. Good read

    • Lena says:

      jako jo, líbilo se mi to, i když se mi to chvilkami zdálo přehnané. Dokonce jsem se ptala sama sebe, jestli je ta holka úplně normálnía potom to skončilo takdivně? Alespoň nějaký to zamilovaný poslední slovo na konec knihy Příběh se mi líbí, ale podle mě, by ten konec mohl být víc propracovanější.

    • Taysha says:

      I knew what the outcome would be as soon as the character was introduced. Very contrived, predictable, and just not that exciting. There was no real character development, beyond the main character just being a bit of a shrew. I'm glad it was $0.99 from Kindle, though I'd still like the few hours I spent on it back.

    • Nerissa says:

      So it was the typical chick lit, where you know exactly what's going to happen when. But, I loved it! You can relate to the main character, her parents driving her crazy, finding nothing but terrible dates to go on. It ended kind of abruptly but the author made up for by adding a epilogue on her website that was downloadable for free.

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